Welcome to the Town of Troy!


8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday thru Thursday

Election Days - The office will be closed for Town Business

Email: [email protected]

Urgent Garbage Reminder:

Have totes to the curb by 6:00am to ensure weekly service. If your garbage or recycling has not been picked up, please contact Clerk Michael Ramps at (262) 642-5292 as soon as possible.

Town Facts and Statistics

2018 Population Estimate as of January 1, 2018 is 2,369.

Agricultural lands comprised 14,860 acres, or 65 % of the area of the Town, in 2000.
Surface water comprised 475 acres, or 2 %; wetlands comprised 2,474 acres, or 11%; and woodlands comprised 2,364 acres, or 10 % of the Town in 2000.

Primary environmental corridors encompassed 4,743 acres, or 21 %; secondary environmental corridors encompassed 464 acres, or 2 %; and isolated natural resource areas encompassed 673 acres, or 3 % of the Town in 2000.

State park and open space sites in the Town include three extensive wildlife habitat areas and the Lulu Lake State Natural Area. Parks include Booth Lake Memorial Park.

While the town does not encompass any sites listed on the National Register of historic Places, there are a number of locally significant historic sites; these can be found at the Wisconsin Historical Society’s website at www.wisconsinhistory.org/ahi/

The Town is home to the Troy Center 4H Club, Timber-Lee Christian Center, and several Girl Scout camps.

Comprehensive Plan Goals & Objectives

The Town of Troy has partnered with Walworth County and thirteen other County communities in it’s vision and planning for the future through The Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Walworth County: 2035.

The Plan can be accessed online at: www.sewrpc.org/smartgrowth/walworthcounty

“At the heart of this vision is a sustainable land use pattern, served by efficient public facility and service systems, that meets the social, economic, physical, ecological, and quality-of-life needs of the County. This vision includes relatively compact urban areas providing basic urban services and facilities; a safe, efficient transportation system; a strong agricultural resource base closely connected to resource-rich open spaces; a clean sustainable water resource; and abundant public and private recreational opportunities-all while retaining the County’s cultural heritage and rural character.”

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