Humble Oak’s 5K Fundraiser – June 11th 2022

The Walk in the Woods 5K/3.5K Walk is a celebration, welcoming, and fundraising event for Humble Oak Outdoor Learning Center. It will take place on Saturday, June, 11, 2022. The Walk in the Woods is a way for Humble Oak to raise funds for fall educational programming for the children of Walworth County and surrounding communities here in SE Wisconsin. Humble Oak’s mission is to provide a space where individuals of all ages may become more connected to the natural world while deepening their understanding and knowledge of themselves and others.This event will feature a  run/walk through the forest, a fun run for the kids, and a chance for the community to come together and learn about Humble Oak while enjoying our natural world. 

When: June 11th, 2021, 9:00AM-12:30PM

Where: The Woods, W2743 Friemoth Rd, Troy, Wi Cost: $40 per participant 
Beneficiary: Humble Oak Outdoor Learning Center
Participants: 200  
Humble Oak information: Humble Oak is a startup non-profit and most importantly an outdoor learning center that will provide nature-based programming to connect individuals of all ages more deeply to themselves, the land, and the greater community.  Violet Glen has been a cherished children’s outdoor learning program in East Troy for the past 4 years. Looking to expand the programming it could offer, the founder of Violet Glen reached out to other talented and visionary people who share its values. Something magical came together within our team, and we realized that in order to provide programming to a larger community of people, we needed a new vehicle, but one that could also carry the original torch and spirit of Violet Glen into the future. After much time invested in planning and hard work, we are happy to introduce Humble Oak. Humble Oak will be the new home for the families who have grown to trust and love the mission of Violet Glen. We are ready and anxious to provide new areas of programming to the entire family and greater community of people who look to the Earth for direction and enrichment.